Good Vibe Farm Visit

Updated: May 14, 2021

This month The Community Kids volunteered at Good Vibe Farm, an AWESOME horse rescue🐴 located in Tomball, Texas. Mischa, Aliyah, Sophia, Rayan and our awesome members helped and volunteered at this great place.

Good Vibe Farm rescues horses from the kill pen, and as it's name suggests, they are then transported to other countries to be slaughtered 😔😢. But Good Vibe Farm takes the horses🐴 from the kill pen and tenderly cares for them back at the farm. So, this month we decided that this was some need-to-know info and that all this kill pen this-and-that had to STOP 🛑We started by having some time to recognize the animals, spend quality time with them.

And of course, we had to keep the fun going one way or another. So, Mischa, Aliyah and their volunteers helped to do some chores around the barn, such as brushing of the winter coats of our neighing neighbors🐴, raking hay for mulch and scooping some poop. Finally, we finished off by writing letters to Elizabeth Fletcher to stop our American horses🐴 from being transported and celebrated Mischa's friend Michelles birthday 🎁🎂🎉🎊! in the end we got to meet and have time with many animals such as some horses named Spencer🐴, Redgie🐴, Shot-See🐴, Jackie🐴 and others we don't know the names of. And FYI, GVF doesn't just have their 26 horses🐴 for friends, they also have a brood of chickens, a trip of wailing goats🐐, two adorable little goat calfs named Lucky and Clover🐐 and finally, a cute little pig named Wilbur🐖.

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Have a good day 🙂!

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