Preserve the Grasslands!

January 28, 2022 was not just a volunteer meeting, it was our 1 year anniversary! We decided we wanted to remember our first day by volunteering at the same organization we helped initially: Hermann Park!

This time, we started off by discussing how important it is to preserve the tall grasses and grasslands of Texas.

But, (there's always a but) to know what the grass looks like, to know which grass we should preserve, we need to be able to actually SEE the grass, and we couldn't. The short grass was blending in with the tall and we needed some borders so that no one would step on the tall grass. I mean, our goal is to keep them, not to destroy them by stepping on them.

So, we walked over to a HUGE pile of mulch. Next to it was a wagon with a bunch of buckets inside. Ms. Diane also brought along some shovels. Our job was to fill the buckets with the shovels (or our hands) and then put them in the wagon or the wheelbarrow. Another group of kids would then take the wagons to the grass. In the meantime Group 1 (filling group) filled more buckets. Near the grass a few more of our friends would empty the buckets in a line to create a border between us and the grass.

In the end we accomplished our goal. And also, not to brag, we finished faster than we thought we would.

Here are some photos from the event:





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